United Kingdom

House of Lords / Supreme Court1855 onwards
Privy Council1999 onwards
Court of Appeal (Civil Division)1951 onwards
Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)1963 onwards
High Court1996 onwards
Statutes1235 onwards
Statutory Instruments1671 onwards


Australian Capital Territory Court of Appeal2002 onwards
Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court1999 onwards
New South Wales Court of Appeal1999 onwards
New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal1999 onwards
New South Wales Supreme Court1999 onwards
Northern Territory Court of Appeal1994 onwards
Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal1993 onwards
Northern Territory Supreme Court1986 onwards
Tasmania Court of Criminal Appeal2010 onwards
Tasmania Supreme Court1999 onwards
Victoria Court of Appeal1997 onwards


Supreme Court1876 onwards
Federal Court of Appeal1993 onwards
Alberta Court of Appeal1998 onwards
Alberta Superior Court1980 onwards
Alberta Provincial Court1998 onwards
British Columbia Court of Appeal1999 onwards
British Columbia Supreme Court1989 onwards
Ontario Court of Appeal2007 onwards
Saskatchewan Court of Appeal2004 onwards


Supreme Court1931 onwards
High Court1952 onwards
Court of Criminal Appeal1932 onwards
Court of Appeal2014 onwards
Employment Appeal Tribunal
Lower Courts

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