Key Paragraphs

JustisOne highlights the most important passages in a judgment.

Using our heatmap you can find out exactly how often each sentence has been subsequently quoted.


Citations in Context

Where other legal research platforms have lists of cited authorities, JustisOne shows you exactly where a case has been referenced.


Every judgment on JustisOne has been consistently classified according to our bespoke legal taxonomy.

Whether reported or not, all cases have subject terms, making them easier to search and understand.

Precedent Map

The Precedent Map offers a visual representation of the relationships between cases.

It's great for discovering related authorities and seeing the bigger picture.


Even if we don't have the full text of a document, JustisOne can still tell you which third party services do have it and link directly to the document on those platforms.

JustisOne links to content on almost 100 other services, including Westlaw, LexisNexis and ICLR online.

MultiView - Compare Documents

JustisOne lets you open and compare multiple documents side by side.

No lost tabs, just a really smart document viewer.